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Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure used in the treatment of recalcitrant chronic sinusitis unresponsive to maximal medical therapy. This procedure and tool was originally developed by Acclarent in Palo Alto, California using technology based on cardiac catheterization and balloon angioplasty procedures.  Select patients with specific types of sinus disease may be candidates for this new minimally invasive technology. These procedures can be carried out either under general anesthesia in a traditional operating room or under local anesthesia in the office.

Balloon Sinuplasty involves placement of balloon catheters over guy wires into the obstructed openings and drainage pathways of the frontal, sphenoid, or maxillary sinus. The balloon catheter is usually placed using transnasal endoscopy.

Inflation of the balloon at the tip of the catheter is then intended to enlarge and dilate the natural sinus ostium/opening by compressing mucosa and displacing local bony structures. This technique can be used as an alternative or adjunct to conventional endoscopic sinus surgery which involves surgical excision of some mucosa and bone.

Post-operative pain is minimal as patients are usually able to return to normal daily activities within 24-48 hours after the procedure.

Dr. John Alldredge was the first physician in Acadiana and southwest Louisiana to be trained with Balloon Sinuplasty during his Sinus/Rhinology fellowship with Dr. Donald Lanza at the Sinus and Nasal Institute of Florida in 2007-2008. Dr. Alldredge is the only Sinus Specialist in Acadiana and southwest Louisiana.